Meet The Team

Do you have a few great people on your project team that seem to take the initiative to drive delivery and bring innovative ideas to do things better? Well that’s who our people are.

Bruno Coelho

Engineering Management Lead • Construction management technology

What Drives Him

Bruno is both a great mentor and a lover of puzzles and problem-solving, making him an incredible asset to Laminar as Lead Engineer. He is driven by cultivating strong teams that catalyse people to be the best version of themselves and push the envelope in using technology to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

Backstory and Achievements

Bruno started coding at the age of 6, learned Basic and Pascal and loved it. He continued programming during school where also studied Arts and Design.

In his working experience he built and scaled web applications using Ruby On Rails. As Scrum Master/Team Lead, managed to double the productivity of almost all the teams he helped.

He hosted a radio show and participated in several mentorship programs in university while helping make LXJS (

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Instituto Superior Técnico

Fun Facts

Speaks English and Portuguese

Loves scuba diving and freediving, rock climbing and surfing

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