Meet The Team

Do you have a few great people on your project team that seem to take the initiative to drive delivery and bring innovative ideas to do things better? Well that’s who our people are.

Richard Rivera

Graphic Designer • Marketing

What Drives Him

Richard is a creative person who sees the world in a way that every single detail of life matters; from human emotion to stillness of life, he appreciates the minor details. He believes that these details are the building blocks that allow us to appreciate the grandest of pictures.

Back Story and Achievements

Growing up, Richard fell in love with anime; Drawing his favorite characters became a cherished hobby, fueling his passion for illustration and animation. It was no surprise that he chose Multimedia Arts as his major in college, as it provided him with the perfect platform to explore and express his artistic vision.

A few of his works were plastered among the walls of his own university being selected to be shown as a part of the school’s “honor show” during the same time. He was also able to achieve the honor of being a ‘Dean’s Listers’ both in senior high school and college while also graduating with the Latin honor of ‘Cum Laude’.

Now he is starting off his early years as a creative graphic designer doing a bit of video editing here and there and even doing some VO works.

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia, Cum Laude – Meridian International College

Fun Facts

Loves watching k-dramas, he watches for the sole purpose of learning life values as presented by some of his favorite ‘slice-of-life’ k-dramas such as Move to Heaven, Hometown Cha-cha-cha, The Light in Your Eyes, and many more.

Playing video games is also a big hobby of Richard, he prefers mostly ‘third person’ type video games as he gets to live in his imagination what it is like to be the character in their world which helps him be more imaginative.

Learning more about coffee is also a passion of his, as he one day, dreams of having and owning his own café for people who see coffee the way he does.

Reading books and listening to self-development podcasts has also become one of his hobbies as it helped him transition to the “adult life”.

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