An organisation that lacked the necessary P3M capabilities and controlling processes to effectively design and deliver a $20bn programme - The project team, although experienced, were heavily task-focused and were struggling to keep up with the necessary volume of work required to deliver a complex programme of projects against a relentless schedule. ​
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The Challenges​

  • Inconsistencies and misunderstandings across multi-disciplined teams​.

  • Levels of budget control and levels of decision-making authority prevented on-project flexibility and suitable scrutiny​.

  • The organisation required immediate solutions to reduce risk exposure for the in-flight projects, whilst more long-term implementations needed to be planned in line with critical funding and stakeholder reviews.

The Solutions​

  • We conducted a thorough discovery exercise by means of 1:1 conversations, 1:Team conversations, reviewing documentation and workshopping business processes to gain a ‘baseline’ of P3M capability and organisational maturity​.

  • We issued an advisory report which captured their current state benchmarked against industry best practice. It detailed the changes required to achieve the necessary step change toward future maturity levels​.

  • In coordination, we developed a structured and achievable roadmap to meet key funding milestones and business appetite. This included prioritizing the initiatives based on risk, and targeted an efficient PMO capable of managing and supporting a complex array of projects.

The Impact​

  • Senior Team gained a robust ‘line-of-sight’ detailing how Xlinks can achieve improvements in advance of critical key milestones.​

  • True understanding of their capability as a capital project organization​.

  • Identification of the priority areas for improvement and enablement of focused resource allocation for maximum impact.
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