Capital Project Excellence

Developing organisational capability to maximize capital project outcomes.
Developing organisational capability to maximize capital project outcomes.

Working Together

Are your Capital Projects a headache?

Delivering capital projects is not a simple feat.

A lot of organisations have gaps in their capital project capability which leaves project teams grappling with uncontrollable change causing overspend and late delivery. These performance issues cast shadows over strategic objectives and undermine shareholder confidence.

Building an Integrated Capability

We support clients to align capital project execution with their strategic objectives, develop proper definition and standardise their delivery frameworks before critical contracts are awarded.

We’re Project People

Our team of experienced Engineers and management consultants have successfully developed capability for approx. $15bn of client portfolios. Whether you’re seeking to enhance specific needs, or you seek broader strategic improvements, we’re here to make it happen.

Empowering clients to define, develop & deliver capital projects that reach their full potential

What We Do

- Strategic alignment of Capital Expenditure -

- Capital Expenditure portfolio optimisation -

- Capability assessments & planning -

- Capability builds -

- Bespoke process improvement -

- Independent advice for in-flight projects -

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