Laminar Projects was engaged to provide comprehensive project management services for the construction of a state-of-the-art data centre in the UK. The project demanded not just oversight but also a deep dive into the daily operational details, with an emphasis on high talent density, accountability, and precision execution.
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Service: Project Management with Integrated Controls

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Data Centre Construction

The Challenge

The client required a project management approach that was as innovative and dynamic as the data centre they aimed to develop:

1. Complex Coordination: The necessity to synchronize multiple high-stake components and a diverse supply chain presented a formidable challenge.

2. Demand for Excellence: To maintain industry leadership, the client needed a team that embodied the highest standards of competence and dedication.

3. Transparency and Control: Real-time problem-solving capabilities were critical, requiring an unprecedented level of detail and accountability from all stakeholders.

4. Operational Efficiency: The project required meticulous management to ensure every detail was addressed, preventing delays and maintaining progress.

Our Approach

Laminar Projects approached the project with a philosophy that blends control with collaboration:

  • Control-Centric Project Management: We instituted a control framework at the heart of project management activities, ensuring each phase was executed with precision.

  • Selective Recruitment: Capitalizing on our industry reputation, we attracted and selected only the most qualified professionals, guaranteeing a team with unmatched expertise and drive.

  • Accountability Framework: We implemented a system where the supply chain reported in granular detail, fostering an environment where accountability led to proactive problem resolution.

  • Detail-Oriented Execution: Our team went beyond administration to engage intimately with the supply chain, ensuring that no detail was too small and every task was propelled towards completion.

Outputs Delivered

  • Integrated Project Control Systems: A robust control system that provided real-time insights into project performance and progress.

  • Elite Project Team: A handpicked team known for their exceptional skills and commitment to project success.

  • Transparent Reporting Mechanisms: Daily detailed reports from the supply chain that facilitated swift action on emerging issues.

  • Progress-Driven Management Strategies: Strategies that ensured the minutiae of project details were managed effectively, keeping the project on track.

Key Outcomes

  • Cohesion and Synergy: High-level collaboration between all tiers of the project team and supply chain.

  • Unwavering Quality: A culture of excellence that permeated through every level of the project execution.

  • Swift Issue Resolution: The ability to identify and address challenges rapidly, minimizing impact on the project timeline.

  • Project Completion: Successful delivery of the data centre, on time and within budget, to the client's acclaim.


Laminar Projects' involvement in the UK data centre development epitomized our ethos of "Working Together" with controls at the core. Our commitment to high talent density, accountability, and meticulous attention to detail ensured that the project was not just managed but mastered, setting a new standard for project management excellence in the industry.

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