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Precision & Technology Integration

High-tech facilities command a fusion of cutting-edge technology with the built environment. With meticulous planning, we ensure seamless integration of advanced systems, eliminating potential disruptions and ensuring a facility primed for the future.

Quality & Accuracy

In a domain where precise specifications can't be compromised, our meticulous planning and continuous quality assurance guarantee a facility that meets even the most stringent standards. It's not just about building; it's about achieving unparalleled precision.

Mastering Complex Supply Chains

With a multitude of globally dispersed, specialised suppliers, it only takes one to delay the entire project. We manage intricate supply chains with tight controls, ensuring timely and quality delivery of every component, even in an unpredictable global landscape.

Facilities delivered with meticulous precision

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What We Do

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We combine a compassionately candid culture with our rigorous delivery models to achieve up to 30% time and cost savings.

- Project & programme management
- Delivery & construction management
- Commercial & contract management


We integrate project processes and information to provide complete clarity and control.

- Integrated project controls and PMO
- Planning & scheduling
- Project reporting
- Cost management & estimating
- Risk & change management
- Information management & document control


We combine our understanding of project delivery and digital technology to implement turnkey digital solutions that work.

- Digital advisory
- Project data integration
- Digital infrastructure & software development
- Advanced project reporting
- BIM and ISO19650

Project Types

Biopharmaceutical & life sciences
Advanced technology facilities
Heavy Industrial
Automated logistics facilities
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Manuel Arrabal
Global Head of High-Tech and Industrial Delivery
William Woodman
Director of Business Development
Manuel Arrabal
Global Head of High-Tech and Industrial Delivery
William Woodman
Director of Business Development