We were engaged by a specialist subcontractor to recover a project that was in significant delay, exposing our client financially. Whilst engaged to take ownership of all commercial deliverables, our scope quickly grew to include estimating and planning.

Turning around a delayed project using our “Engine Room” approach

A series of unresolved contractual issues

The project lacked a contract programme or key dates, had very few contractual notifications issued, limited and conflicting meeting minutes – and therefore differing accounts of the delay periods experienced.

It also faced a complete re-design, re-sequence, and re-price, requiring agreement.

Integrating the commercial & planning functions

This project provided the perfect opportunity to deploy Laminar’s “Engine Room”, our integrated approach to planning and commercial management delivered by a multi-disciplinary team.

Combining these services is our antidote for removing the communication barriers that widely exist between commercial and planning staff, increasing efficiency and thus reducing costs. On this project we:

  • Retrospectively created and agreed a Contract programme

  • Notified all change events

  • Created impact programmes chronologically, clearly showing the impact of each new event on the newly agreed contract baseline.

  • Re-priced the entire project from 1st principles, utilising the latest construction drawings.  

  • Re-sequenced the project programme, to reflect the design change and subsequent need to now work alongside additional trades.

Account recovered in full with further savings made too

Our methodological approach, transparent workings, and substantiation using site records, left the end client with no option but to agree to a Final Account that represented a 259% increase versus contract value, inclusive of a 1-year Extension of Time (EOT). This generated a very profitable outcome for our client; a remarkable feat considering the starting point.

This unique approach to consulting saved time and money, therefore having enormous potential for any future clients willing to adopt this out-of-the-box delivery method (enabled by our multi-disciplined professionals).

Client testimonial

Laminar’s input was crucial. The final account status improved tremendously, beyond expectation.
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