We brought clarity to a constantly changing scope by implementing weekly delivery planning for all mechanical & electrical works in a live station environment
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Euston station was the first intercity railway terminal in London. It is the 5th busiest in the city with 45m passengers annually.

Euston had been chosen as the London terminus for the new £56B high speed line (HS2). An enabling works project was initiated to allow for the station upgrade.

This project is still ongoing and Laminar is managing the delivery planning for all Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) works which involves surveying, relocating and installing new services in a live station environment.

The Challenges

Scope was undefined due to the constantly changing nature of the requirements which were only developed after surveys. A delivery programme of works was required to manage the works effectively and manage the significant challenges including:

  • Continuously changing scope

  • Live station environment with limited access to key areas

  • Unclear priorities set by client

Our Solutions

A detailed delivery programme was built to integrate all the work packages. It was updated weekly in order to stay relevant to to constant changes in priorities and scope.

Trackers were developed using Microsoft Power BI to provide visibility to priority activities and performance metrics.

Key Outcomes

1. Clear understanding of short term priorities and weekly tasks

2. Readiness for upcoming works by ensuring all documentation, materials, equipment and labour would be available.

3. Accurate forecast of resource demands to complete to complete the works on time

Final Thoughts

In this project the entire scope was essentially change. Information needed to be absorbed and collated in a way that made sense to the people managing the delivery. In such a chaotic environment simplicity is key and could be achieved by distilling all of the information into simple short term action plans which were flexible to be changed at a moment’s notice.

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