We delivered a detailed contract programme and proactive delay claims for a £20m mechanical and electrical installation under and NEC3 contract
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The extension of the Northern line to the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea areas. Our client was contracted to deliver M&E fit out works under an NEC3 Fixed Cost contract.

The Challenges

1. The project experienced significant delays due to design changes and access issues which were mostly due to client change. These delays directly impacted the planned completion of the project and therefore needed to be claimed as compensation events.

2. A high level of complexity on the project but with a small team to deliver meant that it was difficult to keep a clear understanding of what was going on and what needed to be done when.

Our Solution

Programme Management

The programme was broken down into the lowest level of detail required to demonstrate delay. This was every work area where there may be design or access issues. We ensured client dependencies and blockers were clearly defined on the Programme for acceptance with the critical path clearly defined and client delay explained in programme narrative.

This allowed us to clearly communicate the knock on effects of the client delays to the rest of the project so that they understood the basis of the compensation events.

Data Analytics

We deployed an extensive Power BI analytics app that gave the project team access to their programme data, earned value, blockers lists, contractual communications and more. It toed the data sets together to provide the project manager with a kind of command center that allowed him to see what the key areas were that he should focus on.

Key Outcomes

  • Proactive extension of the contract completion date and an increase to the contract value to cover preliminaries over the extended period.

  • Clarity for the project team on key tasks and issues by putting hidden or difficult to access data at their fingertips.

Final Thoughts

When it is clearly shown on the programme there is no argument when it comes to compensation events. This allows an easy agreement with the client as well as water tight evidence if things evolve into an adjudication scenario.

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