Laminar Projects was commissioned to establish a pioneering Project Management Office (PMO) for a leading data centre operator's portfolio across Western Europe. Our objective was to lay down the foundational planning and project controls processes, ensuring future projects could seamlessly integrate with the overarching business strategy and financial frameworks.
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Service: Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) Set-up

Region: Western Europe

Industry: Data Centre Construction and Management

The Challenge

The client faced a series of systemic issues that hindered operational efficiency:

1. Process Inconsistency: Varied methodologies across projects led to disintegrated management practices.

2. Commercial Disconnect: A gap between project execution and commercial tracking created budgetary and scheduling discrepancies.

3. Scalability Constraints: Existing processes were not equipped to support the growth trajectory planned for the portfolio.

4. Lack of Standardization: The absence of a uniform approach to program development stifled project integration efforts.

Our Approach

Our solution was crafted to reflect Laminar Projects' commitment to providing differentiated value through complete control of project processes and fast, reliable results:

  • Framework Development: We created a robust PMO framework tailored to the client's operational scale and business model.

  • Process Integration: The PMO was designed to align with the client’s commercial systems, enabling unified reporting and decision-making.

  • Future-Ready Planning: We established criteria and procedures for program development that could accommodate a growing portfolio.

  • Best Practices Codification: Laminar Projects leveraged its extensive industry expertise to standardize project management practices across the board.

Outputs Delivered

  • PMO Blueprint: A comprehensive guide on establishing and running a PMO within the hyperscale data centre environment.

  • Integrated Planning and Controls: A cohesive set of processes that align planning with commercial management and reporting.

  • Program Development Toolkit: Standardized templates and tools for future-proof program creation.

  • Training Modules: Customized training programs to upskill the client's team in the new PMO methodologies.

Key Outcomes

  • Cohesive Operations: The PMO framework fostered a harmonious operating environment, enabling better coordination across projects.

  • Commercial Synergy: By integrating commercial processes, the PMO provided a clear financial picture, improving budgeting and forecasting accuracy.

  • Enhanced Scalability: The new processes were designed to support the client's expansion plans, facilitating scalable project management.

  • Standardization Success: The implementation of standard practices ensured consistency and set a new benchmark for project management within the client’s portfolio.


The implementation of a comprehensive PMO by Laminar Projects has revolutionized the way our client manages its data centre portfolio. Our forward-thinking approach not only delivered immediate improvements in project control and commercial integration but also provided a scalable model that supports the client's ambitious growth in the hyperscale datacentre market.

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