Laminar Projects was tasked with orchestrating the critical MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) installation and commissioning phases of a hyperscale data centre for a global tech leader in Belgium. Our mandate was to address significant programmatic and logistical challenges and drive the project to completion within a constrained timeframe and resource setting.
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Client: A major international technology company

Project Duration: 9 Months

Project Scope: Construction and Commissioning of a Hyperscale Data Centre

The Challenge

The project was hampered by a series of complexities:

1. Incomplete Program: The existing project schedule was fragmented, with considerable scope overlooked and sequences misaligned.

2. Contractor Coordination: Numerous contractors were involved, with low-constructability design intensifying interface management challenges.

3. Integrated Planning Deficiency: The absence of a cohesive plan led to disarray in site operations and supply chain management.

4. Reporting Void: Progress reporting mechanisms were non-existent, clouding project visibility.

5. Delay Diagnosis: A gap in tracking and understanding delays impeded effective prioritization and mitigation efforts.

Our Approach

In alignment with Laminar Projects' distinct capabilities for rigorous and authentic engagement, our approach encompassed:

  • Reconstructing the Execution Plan: We developed a comprehensive construction and commissioning program that became the cornerstone for prioritizing activities.

  • Emphasis Shift to Area Management: Transitioning from discipline-centric packages to area-focused management, we equipped managers with weekly action items, enhancing on-site productivity and issue resolution.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Our use of automated reporting and dashboards for key metrics such as labor and cost provided a transparent and factual basis for decisions.

Outputs Delivered

  • MEP Construction Programme: A meticulously detailed blueprint to manage the interplay between various trades.

  • Commissioning Programme: A robust schedule integrated with construction activities, underpinned by commissioning sequences.

  • Weekly Operational Forecasts: Tactical lookahead schedules fostered by area-specific workshops.

  • Progress Tracking Tools: Advanced dashboards and tagging trackers for real-time commissioning updates.

Key Outcomes

  • Reliability: Our information was a bedrock of accuracy, optimizing effective work time utilization.

  • Directional Clarity: Despite daily fluctuations, our strategic planning ensured that team efforts were aligned with long-term objectives.

  • Inspirational Leadership: We brought an infectious zeal to the project, personalizing delivery and energizing teams.


Our engagement with the hyperscale data centre project in Belgium exemplifies Laminar Projects' philosophy: that a successful program is not just a reporting instrument but a dynamic tool that actively propels on-site execution. By fostering construction team buy-in and embedding best practices, we ensure that strategic planning translates into tangible on-ground action.

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