Greenlink is a subsea and underground electricity interconnector that links the power markets in Ireland and Great Britain, representing one of Europe’s most important energy infrastructure projects. We were brought in to produce the baseline programme in the pre-construction phase and manage the programme across the duration of the project.
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Connecting the power markets in Ireland and Great Britain

Getting stakeholders to speak the same language

A project of this magnitude means many different parties involved, both in scope of work and geographically.

The engagement with various international stakeholders (Japan, Belgium, UK, Germany, Ireland, and China) was considered a challenge.

Building a programme that works for everyone

We developed initiatives that ensured the communication was clear and understood across the team so we could develop a programme that was suitable for everyone, which also meant taking the time to understand Contract Clauses and Countries’ Legislation. We held regular workshops involving all parties and we traveled to meet the teams in person.

We ended up developing a fully integrated EPC programme and a Planning Procedure to manage the programme, complemented with regular training and explanatory sessions to make sure everyone was aligned.

Bringing a sense of control across borders

We built our client a detailed and realistic programme that reduced the risk of delays.

Thanks to our Lookahead Tool we automated reports, which reduced errors and saved everyone lots of time.

The globally dispersed team now has faith in the programme, which is being used as a primary tool to manage delivery, instead of just a “contractual requirement” like it was firstly perceived.

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