Meet The Team

Do you have a few great people on your project team that seem to take the initiative to drive delivery and bring innovative ideas to do things better? Well that’s who our people are.

Liezle Dollente

Senior Consultant • Project Management Consulting

What Drives Her

Liezle manages time well, and she strongly believes in the value of productivity towards maximizing the resources given to her. Her expertise in several skills inspires her to exceed goals and expectations while sharing her knowledge and experience with new ones. She likes to read, watch, and learn from the best. She is not satisfied with having the same amount of knowledge for a long time. The desire for progressive learning and self-motivation drives her.

Liezle doesn’t shy away from taking calculative risks, and her adventurous traits often lead her to the execution of tasks in an unconventional way while providing the same result if not better. She has high dreams and clear visions of what she wants to achieve, and she won’t stop until she has proven to herself that through determination and wisdom, the possibilities are endless.

Back Story and Achievements

Liezle has wide experience in planning, scheduling, and controlling large-scale projects both in the Philippines and in Singapore. Before joining Laminar, she was handling a flagship project under the largest company in the Philippines.

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Fun Facts

She is a great cook. Her past travels and residence in other countries inspired her to bring different cuisines into her kitchen.

She is an exotic food enthusiast. She is fascinated by trying different dishes she discovers.

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