Meet The Team

Do you have a few great people on your project team that seem to take the initiative to drive delivery and bring innovative ideas to do things better? Well that’s who our people are.

Raymond Domasig

Consultant • Project Management Consulting

What Drives Him

Raymond is motivated to continue working as a planner because he believes that projects can be completed within the given time and budget with the help of proper planning, monitoring, and analysis of different situations in different stages of construction.

He also believes that planning can be applied to our lives and can help people manage their own critical path.

Back Story and Achievements

Born and raised in the Philippines, Raymond started his career as an intern in one of the largest construction companies in the Philippines. He joined the Project Planning and Control Division, where he worked as an Associate Planner and later got promoted to Senior Planner due to his dedication. For nearly four years, he assisted project teams in creating Project Execution Plans, developing project schedules, monitoring progress, and evaluating time extensions for five high-rise buildings.

Formal Qualifications

Registered Civil Engineer

Fun Facts

· A high school table tennis varsity player. He can also play badminton, bowling, and darts.

· Loves reading nonfiction self-help books

· Aspiring entrepreneur

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