Meet The Team

Do you have a few great people on your project team that seem to take the initiative to drive delivery and bring innovative ideas to do things better? Well that’s who our people are.

Faye Tresvalles

Talent Acquisition Specialist • People Operations

What Drives Her

Faye believes that learning is continuous and she is a person who gets excited when it comes to being educated in various areas as these will help her grow both professionally and personally. She is a firm believer that providing remarkable candidates and employee experience are essential for the growth of an organization.

“Be kind to yourself so that you can be kind to others” is the motto that Faye lives by on a daily basis. She is a person who encourages everyone to be kind to both themselves and other people, as she experienced first-hand that kindness indeed goes a long way.

Backstory and Achievements

Faye has ten years of experience in the field of talent acquisition. She started as a Recruitment Associate for an executive search firm and handled supervisor to manager level positions for her clients in the bank industry.

Afterwards, she joined a recruitment and training firm as a Recruitment and Sourcing Specialist, were she worked to close volume-hiring positions for clients in the Call Center and BPO sector.

Her latest employment was with an e-commerce retail company where she stayed for eight years and experienced career progression. Faye handled end-to-end recruitment for rank and file to senior manager roles in multiple functions. She also spearheaded and managed various projects related to university partnership, third-party vendor management, referral programs, onboarding process, recruitment process, management trainee programs, and many more.

Formal Qualifications

• Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Coursework Completed)

• Master of International Business (Ongoing)

• Bachelor of Science in Psychology

• White Belt Six Sigma Certified

Fun Facts

• Faye considers herself an outgoing introvert, as she values her alone time and being with family and friends on certain occasions or situations. She is also a fur-mom to a 2-year-old mini-Pomeranian named Mochi.

• Her sweet tooth knows no bounds, and dessert or sweets are the first food she looks for in a café or restaurant.

• She is a fan of horror, thriller, paranormal documentaries, and true crime movies and series. She is also a KPOP and JPOP fan for a long time, and she enjoys attending fan meetings or concerts of her favorite groups when she can.

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