Meet The Team

Do you have a few great people on your project team that seem to take the initiative to drive delivery and bring innovative ideas to do things better? Well that’s who our people are.

Joe Verlaque

Lead Consultant • Data & Digital Consulting

What Drives Him

Connection grows any friendship which is why I love socialising whether in the office or over a few cold beers.

Joe has a progressive and optimistic mentality; always aiming high and trying to achieve the best result possible whether applied to their work performance, promotion opportunity or private life.

Joe is an avid entrepreneur and investor and has a passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. He loves learning and currently exploring the connection and use cases of blockchain tech in the construction industry.

Traveling fuels his soul and is all about enriching perspectives and broadening horizons. Having worked in the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Nicaragua, life for Joe, is about embracing new experiences, creating connections, and growing both personally and professionally.

Back Story and Achievements

Joe brings a wealth of international experience from the UK, USA, and Saudi Arabia enhancing his adaptability and a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives in the construction industry. His expertise lies in specialist BIM practices, including integrating multiple CDEs, implementing intricate information management processes, and reshaping company workflows to meet IM compliance standards. Joe is driven by a passion to promote digital IM adoption among all clients, actively engaging with projects to ensure their successful delivery.

Projects that have shaped Joe:

· The Red Sea Development Project (Saudi Arabia)

· Fulham Stadium Riverside Renovation (Fulham, London)

· Portland House – Highrise Commercial Tower (Victoria, London) Professional Laminar CV is here.

Formal Qualifications

· BHons Degree – BSc Hons Architectural Design Technology

· HND – Building

· Revit Certified Professional

· Bsi BIM Fundamental and Project Delivery Certifications

· Aconex Associate, Professional and Specialist Certifications

· Microsoft Power BI – Analyzing and Visulizing Data Certification

Fun Facts

· YouTube Channel – “Naturopolis – The Sounds of Nature”

· Learning Spanish

· Half British / Half Seychellois

· Love cooking/baking – Indian/Thai or Cakes/Muffins

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