Meet The Team

Do you have a few great people on your project team that seem to take the initiative to drive delivery and bring innovative ideas to do things better? Well that’s who our people are.

Necdet Turan

Senior Consultant • Project Management Consulting

What Drives Him

Necdet’s 19-year journey in project controls is fueled by his mastery in project planning, quantity surveying, cost control, and contract administration. A supporter of consensus-based leadership, he excels in fostering a collaborative team environment. His leadership style is defined by proactive decision-making and a relentless focus on enhancing project efficiency and minimizing costs, especially under tight deadlines. As a strategic thinker, Necdet stands out for his ability to optimize project outcomes, seamlessly blending innovative management techniques with his technical expertise to navigate and succeed in complex project landscapes.

Back Story and Achievements

Throughout his career, Necdet has held pivotal roles, including Project Controls Director, Project Controls Manager, and Senior Consultant, demonstrating his versatility across international landscapes like Turkey, USA, Libya, Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan. He is celebrated for his significant contributions to high-value projects, ensuring their success through meticulous cost-saving strategies and exceptional management. A notable aspect of his career is his expertise in quantum, delay analysis, and contractual disputes, especially in the context of arbitration and dispute board proceedings.

This specialized knowledge has been instrumental in navigating complex project challenges and achieving remarkable outcomes.

Formal Qualifications


B.Sc in Civil Engineering

Certified PMP and PMI Scheduling Professional

Fun Facts

As an avid gamer and skilled strategist, Necdet not only achieved the 1st rank in Turkish Counter-Strike 1.6 competitions but also led and trained his team as the captain, steering them towards success in the WCG tournaments.

Enjoys sailing, combining a love for adventure and the calm of the sea.

Fluent in Turkish and English, with a keen interest in traveling to ancient places and reading macro and micro economics.

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