The 228MW Stronelairg onshore wind farm sits at an elevation of around 600 meters above sea level. Its load factor, on a P50 basis, is expected to be around 42% in a typical year, which is claimed to be like the load factors of several existing offshore wind farms. We managed the construction planning for the installation contractor.

Helping a wind farm installation contractor deliver their biggest project to date

Dealing with a rocky start

The client was experiencing significant delays caused by rocky ground conditions and access issues, which were making trenching much slower than planned. This meant a commercial risk for our client as key contract dates kept being impacted.

Getting the priorities straight

We ensured that the numerous delays on the schedule were mitigated by moving resources to alternative work fronts. We also ensured delays and additional costs incurred were captured and recovered.

We developed a detailed construction plan that was NEC compliant and implemented best practice planning and delivery processes.

We taught the site team how to work on a weekly plan and keep focused on priority tasks.

Successfully managing change

We proactively managed delay changes to ensure the contractor was able to recover their costs and protect against damages. We were able to secure several months of time due to access delays and ground conditions.

The project became plan-driven, rather than delivered in an ad-hoc day-to-day manner, which contributed to being delivered ahead of schedule and on budget.

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